Your Adventure FAQ

The Word " Adventure" contains a more deeper meaning, as the personal development and evolution of the subject living a experience outside his living parameters of normality can be considered an ADVENTURE that has to contain different elements that will help us grow and evolve, not always our expectations are meet as the ADVENTURE challenges us to evolve, sometimes trough suffering and the case of a DIRBIKE Ride in the Himalayas, you will have to face more than dirty socks at nights but the assimilation of the Cultural Shock in the Himalayas, but we are here to make or your personal experience a more digestible one.

Your Ride Includes

  1. Pick up and drop off at Tribhuvan International Airport

  2. Transfer to Pokhara according to the Route

  3. Asiawing 250 NC 2020 Model, New Tyres and Spare parts Kit 

  4. Fuel 

  5. Mechanical Support

  6. Jeep Supoort according to Tour 

  7. All Accommodation, Hotels, Lodges, Tents, Tea Houses, According to Tours 

  8. Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner 

  9. Pit Stops Energy Booster 

  10. Welcome Kit, Shirt, Stickers, Certificate

  11. Helicopter Evacuation, your insurance will cover it

  12. Best Guides and a Lot of FUN.

What Your Have to KNOW 

  1. Visa on Arrival at the Airport, Get 1 month for 50 USD, can pay in mayor currencies

  2. Get a Sim Card at the EXIT Desk, we recommend NTC Namaste 

  3. Bring at least 4 Passport Size pictures, you will need it for different purposes

  4. We are waiting for you outside, please exit the airport and go straight to the crosswalk and to the parking area

  5. You don't need any special vaccines but ask your Doctor

  6. Please bring your Licence with you

  7. Please issue a Travel Insurance

  8. Bring your own Riding gear or ask us if you have any requests

  9. Water BagPack is a MUST

  10. Bring your own Sleeping bag or you can get a cheaper one in Thamel

  11. Traffic direction is on the left side

  12. Pay full attention to the Guide instructions 

  13. Any damage due accident has to be paid

  14. Drones are illegal in certain areas, ask for advice if you want to use one

What you are going to ENDURE

  1. Lots of people trying to be your friend

  2. Unexpected traditions 

  3. Some Spicy food..

  4. Traffic Police Control as a excuse to take a lot of pictures with you and your bike

  5. The Himalayas are COLD...remember

  6. Dirt Socks at night, just trow them, we have plenty in stock

  7. Aila or local moonshine, 70%

  8. Sweat and Mud in you face after a DirtBike RIDE

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