This route is our latest wonder, a absolutely amazing track from Kathmandu to the EBC Area, Peak Peek and Jera in the East of Nepal, we will cross so different terrains and enjoy the most amazing views of the Himalayas, is a NO Tourist Destination, only for the super brave and courageous, it took us more than 2 months to design it but the result is more than amazing, for those that want the Extra Touch we have a Helicopter flight from the Hotel to Kalapathar in the EBC Area. 

13-23 Oct 2020

10-20 Nov 2020

3.250 euros 

All Included



It is an ideal route!  Endless change of scenery. Turn after turn, and we are in the heart of the Himalayas, the sacred temple of Muktinath. The eagles hover overhead, the streams murmur underfoot, and fresh breeze brings coolness from the snow-covered peaks.

01-10 Oct 2020

20-29 Nov 2020

2.850 euros 

All Included



This route is the jewel in the crown for real adventure seeker!

Mustang… The Lost Himalayan Kingdom of Lo, as it is called by locals.

In the north, this remote area borders on the Tibetan plateau, and in the east and west, it is surrounded by impassable mountains. It can be reached only through the canyon drifting southward. This ‘gate‘ helps us to get to the kingdom!

The archaic way of life and the lack of creature comforts – the route is more like a trip back in time.

15-30 Oct 2020

25 Oct- 10 Nov 2020

4.250 euros 

All Included

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